Driving around Berkeley  I came across some interesting changes in road design…a roundabout, not something you generally see in America. The roundabout and a number of residential streets that had been blocked with bollards appear to be part of a move towards traffic calming and re direction through residential areas. In addition wide cycle lanes or ‘bike boulevards’ had been added. The pictures below show the roundabout, bike boulevards and some interesting roadside planting. The individual planting of the roadside verges by residents is one of the things I like most about Berkeley.

I was recently speaking to a Berkeley resident who said that the traffic calming issue has been an ongoing  subject  there  for some time. I then found this video which is realy informative and talks with City planners and residents about traffic calming measures that have been gradually implemented to make cycling  safer and more attractive for residents. It is well worth looking at.


Bike Boulevard

Bike Boulevard sign

Berkeley street planting

Berkeley street planting

4th Street Berkeley, I love the stipa tenuissima planted behind the benches and random sculpture


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