Bird refuge platforms at the Greenwich Ecology Centre

The Bird refuges above, are for the water birds to nest on, the little platforms provide shade and also some protection from birds such as Magpies that could attack eggs or young chicks.

On Thursday 17th We had a guided tour of the Ecology center at Greenwich Peninsular and a talk by the assistant warden Tony Day. The Park opened in 2002 and is managed by ‘The Trust for Urban Ecology’

It was a really interesting space, not a huge area but allot going on. There are Various habitats, from wetland and marsh  to shingle beach, coppiced willow, wildflower  meadow, ephemeral pools and an Alder Carr all supporting their own particular wildlife.

Phragmites Australis Greenwich

Willow structure

The willow structures and reed houses were made by school groups.

Insect refuge

The insect refuges are made for overwintering insects such as leaf cutter bees, wasps and ladybirds.

Shell path

I thought the shell path was an interesting change from a wood chip path, not only does it use waste material from the cockling industry but  as it is calcareous, when it breaks down it does not adversely affect the chemical balance of the soil.

Coppiced willow

There was a small area on site where stands of willow had been coppiced. The practice of Coppicing is is a tratitional form of silviculture, or forestry management where the stems of willow, hazel or Alder are cut back to the ground on a 7 year cycle. The stems were traditionally used to make charcoal or for making fences, shelters, or baskets. Coppicing extends the life of a tree by many years and the action of cutting back opens up the forest floor, letting in more light and providing the environment for a species rich ground cover to develop.

We ran out of time on this day due to the long ecology talk but managed to see the green wall by the 02 Arena. All in all it looked in fairly good condition although there were some bald patches.

Green wall and waterfall. 02 Arena


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