For this focus week I am going  to learn Illustrator in an attempt to produce better graphic presentations. I am also going to look at maps as art.

To begin the week I have been watching video tutorials then attempting to create an image using the techniques from the tutorial. Here are some first attempts.

London map using live trace facility

London boroughs north of the Thames as flowers

Rainy London

Abstract Lee Valley map using live trace

Below are a selection of  maps that are not meant as guides around an unknown place and do not obey the standardized visual language or rules of conventional cartography; instead they are works of art that more aptly convey a feeling, idea or opinion about a place.

These two maps were drawn by Nigel Peake, the first, is part of a map that covers two pages and resembles a bird in flight, it’s title is ‘Journey to Dunbar’.  Both maps are from  his tiny book aptly titled ‘Maps’. The second map is titled ‘Path between Forest and Mountain’

I have had this little book for some time, I love the colours and tiny details, each map is like a jewel or a tiny piece of a delicate puzzle or patchwork quilt. The maps are obviously not meant to be an accurate depiction of an area of land, or a tool for finding your way;  Instead they are ‘ A documentation of small time adventures and excursions’.

The maps below are all from a book by Katharine Hermon titled: The Map as Art. Princeton Architectural press.

Above: Map by Jerry Gretzinger;  sample panel from the Gretzinger map. Medium: Pencil, ink, marker, collage, gouache and watercolour on paper and board.

Above: Map title, ‘Mercato’ by Chris Kenny. Medium: construction with map pieces.

Above: Quilted map by Linda Gass.

Above: Map titled ‘Four Fleurs’ by Josh Dorman.  medium: Ink, acrylic, and antique maps on panel.

Above: Map titled ‘Amsterdam’ by Mark Andrew Webber. Medium: Lino cut print


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