Auto Cad to Photoshop exercise

During Focus week 3 Sean Cassidy and Collum O’Keefe from Bernard Seymour Landscape Architects came to the studio and gave workshops on taking AutoCad drawings into Photoshop and rendering them. This was a really helpful and beneficial tutorial. The Image above is the result.

During this week I also visited the Building Centre  and RIBA .

Listed under ‘Exhibitions’ Is the Landscape photography exhibition I also attended during this focus week.


The lecture series beginning Tuesday the 25th January were from the following practices:

Heather Ring from Wayward Plants:

Christian Spencer Davis from AModels:

Maria Smith from Studio Weave:

What an inspirational day! It’s easy to get bogged down with course studies and to feel overwhelmed by the necessity of producing a result and in the process to forget why you wanted to do this in the first place; to forget the sense fun and passion that you started out with. This lecture series bought that all back into focus.

Heather Ring from Wayward Plants, brings plants to life, and makes them the focus of design and place, and asks questions about the journey of a plant, where it came from, how it came to be discarded, (maybe how it feels about that) and where it will end up…loved and re-homed or forgotten and left to die.  I loved this perspective as I think all too often grand schemes are envisioned with no thought for the real heroes of public spaces, the plants that bring life and animation to our lives.

Wayward Plants


I loved the philosophy of alternative  interpretation that Christian Spencer Davis seemed to have with his work. The way everything  was looked on not just as a challenge of practical model  making within the confines of time and budget, but as a creative and interpretive challenge, all viewed with a sense of fun.

A model !

Last but not least Studio Weave:

I felt that Studio Weave had really boiled Landscape interpretation down to it’s fundamentals. Landscape is…I feel, as they seem to…A story. Not only has all landscape got a history, it is also an ever changing environment, not one that you can design and say ‘It’s finished’ as it will always be reacting to external forces and growing and changing. I think this is one of the fundamental issues with landscape design; how do we design for the future, for environmental changes, taking into consideration internal processes and external influences.

To sum up ‘what is Landscape’  for me I guess it is this : It is a challenge, a beautiful story, an ongoing learning experience, life.

Freya's Cabin by Studio Weave


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