Photo shop Plan for Berkhamstead development

Section for Bannockburn memorial site

Road typology 1 plan

Road typology plan 2

Photo shop Plan  for Three Mills in the Lee Valley

Sketchup and photo shop view

Road typology 1 section

Road typology 2 section

Road typology 3 section

Corinthia Hotel roof garden planting plan

Corinthia Hotel, small courtyard

Penthouse roof garden for Corinthia Hotel/residences

Corinthia Hotel roof garden option 1

Corinthia Hotel roof Garden, option 1

Master plan for Lea Valley

Lea Valley Section

Flower tower presentation layout

Visual for Airplot competition. Pod on Oak stem

Base connection detail for flower tower pod

Section for New Road Brighton

Drainage, New Road Brighton

Paving detail for New road Brighton

Plan and section for Lacross residence California

Planting for garden in Lafayette California

Landscape design and planting for Delaplane residence in Lafayette California

Courtyard at Delaplane residence CA

Planting, Orinda California

Conceptual design for Watawalla residence, Orinda

pool details

Section for Natural Swimming Pond


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